Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Vincent I

Fr. Twomey has been very quiet of late. I had almost come to the conclusion that he had finally thrown in the towel. And then it struck me. It all came together.

Pope Benedict XVI's resignation is part of a planned two-step. He is deftly handing over the baton to his former pupil and greatest fan, Fr. Vincent.

I should have seen it coming. Fr. Vincent was not made a bishop so he remained untainted by the current whiff of sulphur surrounding the hierarchy. He was not made Nuncio. That was given to Ratzinger's Rottweiler, Charlie Brown, who would continue to be around to whip the Irish church into shape at the coalface.

He has been held in waiting, all this while, to be produced like a rabbit out of the hat when the conclave finally hangs.

All those qualities that I had listed as qualifying him for the lesser offices. I should have seen it. They all add up to one big thing - papabile.

Unfortunately I don't expect an invitation to the coronation. Burned my boats I have. Ah well.


  1. Absolutely spot on, Benny. I take it Vincent will be @BennyPontifexXVII - but if he gets the white smoke on 17 March, Patricius I might do. Anyway, a BennyMerenti to you sir.

  2. Thanks Eddie.

    I think he would find it hard to let go of Vincent. He could always spin it as VdeP and all that.

    I have a sort of vanities parallel in my own family, where I'm chasing up my family history. Good story, for another time though.

    Glad you like Benny's musings. I'm having an absolute ball. Left the CDF way behind long ago.

  3. I thought Gary Wills' piece in the NY Times 2/13/2013 had a cogent reality check:

    "The claim of priests and popes to be the sole conduits of grace is a remnant of the era of papal monarchy. We are watching that era fade. But some refuse to recognize its senescence. Such people will run peppily up, like Charlie Brown, to the coming of a new pope. But Lucy, as usual, still holds the football."

  4. @gaelwriter

    Yes a very interesting and insightful piece.

    I thought for a moment you meant this Charlie Brown. Sadly he is not fading and the Curia seem to be holding the ball pretty hard.

    Once they started digging they couldn't stop. They opposed the Modernists, ignored the Vatican II get out of jail card, and then clawed back the Council for all they were worth. What a mess.

  5. Did I say Fr. Twomey had gone quiet of late. Well he is sure making up for it in the current torrent of papabilia. I can't speak for TV as I don't really watch it, but he is popping up on radio all over the place to comment on the Pope and his resignation and to defend the Ratzinger Record for posterity.

    Unfortunately this last item involves the Nuremberg defence (only following orders) and so effectively makes the case for the prosecution.

    Fr. John Hassset has just resigned as Dean of Maynooth Deanery in protest at the CDF's unfair treatment of Fr. Flannery. What did Ratzinger do when JPII was protecting Maciel?

    It is not clear if this burst of activity is Fr. Twomey's media swansong or a toning up of his media reflexes for after the white smoke.

    Nuff said.

  6. @Eddie

    I seem to be falling off the wall on the ACP site. I wonder has Papa Vincent been on to them. You are now left replying to a non-existent comment as far as I can make out (my suggestion of what V. Twomey could be interviewed on viz. a link to this post). The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

  7. For those who have not been following this saga, the comments referred to are here.

    My original No.15 (with a link to this post) which attracted a number of ACP readers over here, has now disappeared. Possibly wisely in this age of Stalinist Informers, Thought Police, Excommunicators and Super Gaggers Extraordinary.

  8. Blessings Brother:

    Right name, but for wrong man and pope. The true "Glory of the Olive" is named Vincent, but he is only recognized by those who do GOD's will, ie not the church. Ratzinger never was the true pope, and this is the church/governments trying to desperately hang on with the use of false prophecies to install fear and doubt in the masses.
    Pope Vincent is the Sign of Jonah,(the only sign you will receive), born the Lion from Judah. He glorifies Christ and is living proof of Christ's Prophecies to the disciples on the Mount of Olives. It is spelled out in his name for the non-believers; Vincent, Voice, Vicar, Vatican, non-devil, not an evil call, a love call, VINE.
    "I don't think i know...i just know i'm thinking."

    your humble servant,
    ancient clown

  9. How wrong can you be. Clearly the SVD are no match for the Js.

    So, what next for Fr. Vincent?