Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Following advice from the US Archdiocese of New Orleans to Catholics to avoid the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to its use of aborted fetus cells, the Vatican has issued the following instruction to potential injectees.

The instruction is issued under the seal of Pontifical Secrecy but Benny the Bridgebuilder has obtained a copy and feels that this remarkable instruction should be subject to public scrutiny, at least by Roman Catholics, and should also be submitted to the Sensus Fidelium test before being acted upon.

The instruction obliges Catholics to closely examine the needle (pin) to be used in their injection, count the number of angels present, and if these number less than a Papal (equivalent to a baker's) dozen to refuse the injection.

Angels exceeding the Papal dozen can be allocated to other needles to bring their count up to the required total.

Failure to observe this instruction will incur instant excommunication.

In which case, of course, the injectee can do as they please without further fear of sanction.

The instruction has been issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), formerly the Inquisition, without consulting the Pope who, they point out, has more important things on his mind.

[Waterford Whispers please copy.]

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