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Snow White from the Fallen Princesses collection
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I have referred to the Catholic newspaper ALIVE on a number of occasions, most recently in relation to Fr. Brian McKevitt's Page One Girls.

Well, the good Father should probably have stuck to his Page One Girls as he has apparently overreached himself in the most recent (June 2015) issue.

He has chosen for his Page One picture an illustration of Snow White (above) from Dina Goldstein's collection of Fallen Princesses. McKevitt's text in the bottom right hand corner of the picture reads: They no longer "live happily ever after" ... Being the child of parents with no faith is tough ... see page 7.

The text on page 7

The text on page 7 recaps on the theme of the collection which illustrates the not so happily ever after living of some of the fairy tale heroines.

McKevitt wonders whether Goldsteins "raging against the "happily ever after motif" is directed against the Christian message of hope in the fairy stories or against the culture of despair which has infiltrated both society and her own life.

In his view God has created us to "live happily ever after"; the fairy stories are an illustration of this; and Catholic parents do their children a grave injustice by not handing on the faith and Christian hope to them.

Dina Goldstein's take on the matter
as reported in The Irish Examiner

However he forgot to check all this out with Ms. Goldstein herself and when the issue was brought to her attention she was very upset.

She hired an Attorney to file a formal complaint with the good Father objecting to his use of her illustration and to the conclusions he was drawing from it, asking ALIVE to pulp what they had in their possession, and to pay punitive damages.

This all threw the good Father into a tailspin. He immediately removed the link to the online version of the issue from the website and substituted the cover of the previous issue on the home page.

The offending issue was removed from the website

Then, when it finally struck him that the online PDF version of the paper itself was still available on the website, he removed that too.

So it's all to play for. Will Ms. Goldstein pursue the good Father to the bitter end? Will the redtop end up dead or ALIVE? Will the Dominican Mother House in Tallaght be dragged into the controversy?

Stay tuned.

Update 12/4/2016

There I was, listening to Joe, when who popped up but Fr. Brian McKevitt defending his crusade for a return to pre-Vatican II Catholicism and challenging all comers to find a single word out of place in ALIVE, which it still is, by the way.

It reminded me of the incident above and I wondered if anything further had happened. So I took to Twitter, found Dina Goldstein's original tweet of last June and wondered if anything had happened since the above post. You can see the result below.

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I must say I was a bit surprised to get a reply from the lady herself. More power to her. It is clear she has more to do in this life than pursue this deluded priest any further having scared the bejasus out of him last year.

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