Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ratzinger Schulerkreise

This meeting of a group of religious Bilderbergers was drawn to my attention by the tweet below.

Click on the image above to go to the CNS article.


  1. I have been meditating on Póló's tweet and the CNS article.

    The sheer hypocracy of the thing is staggering. Here we have a group of "students" supposedly searching for the TRUTH while their chairman is silencing truthseekers all over the place; the Pope's Irish alter ego continues to pontificate; while his nemesis is silenced by a supergag order.

    The sheer brass neck of the whole thing is nothing short of disgusting.

    It would remind you of the run up to Vatican II when the community of the silenced had grown to outrageous proportions and when many of its members had to be discreetly released and attached to the council as delegation advisors or even periti.

    The mind boggles. But then the mind was never a concern of these people. All is fair in the harvesting of souls for the Lord.

    Jesus wept.

  2. This is a fascinating blog you have here Polo. Great name for it. And lots of challenging and interesting stuff.

  3. @Blackwatertown

    Thanks for that. The odd word of encouragement never went astray.