Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tacitus aut ...

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  1. Just in case any explanation of the above is necessary.

    Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog and was always a great favourite in our family.

    Charlie Brown is also the new Papal Nuncio to Ireland.

    Bishops (used to, and may still do) sign their names with a cross followed by their christian (given) name. The most famous of these in the memory of the living Irish was Michael Browne (no relation) of Galway. He was known as "cross Michael", and if you ever spoke to anyone who knew him, you would know that this epithet did not rely on his signature alone.


  2. Wasn't it on Cross Michael the greatest Galway-Limerick of all time was composed?
    "An old parish priest of Claregalway
    Once hung a boar's head in his hallway:
    Coming in or going out
    He patted its snout
    And thought of the Bishop of Galway."

  3. @Eddie

    Certainly fits the bill.

    My favourite religious limerick is:

    There was a young lass from Cape Cod,
    Who believed in intervention by God,
    But 'twas not the Almighty
    Who lifted her nightie,
    But John, the lodger, the sod.

    Courtesy of Fr. Benignus Millett OFM RIP