Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silk or Sackcloth?

I wonder will heed be taken by the Powers That Be of Fr. Tony Flannery's advice, on the ACP website, regarding the IEC roundup mass:

We regard the forthcoming Eucharistic Congress as a real opportunity for the Irish Church. But it must have no element of triumphalism about it. The celebration of the final mass at Croke Park will be the crucial factor here. If it is a big display of bishops and cardinals wearing mitres, surrounded by hundreds of vested priests, it will give out the wrong message. Instead it should be penitential in character. Rather than ceremonial dress, we ask for some modern, imaginative equivalent of the ‘sackcloth and ashes’ of the Old Testament, so that the celebration would be simple and humble, asking forgiveness not just for the abuse of children, but for the other abuses of power perpetrated by Church people in the past.

By the way, is there any truth in the rumour that the Vatican are investigating Fr. Flannery for his "liberal views"? I notice that Fr. Flannery, no more than Sr. Benvenuta, is not listed as a Congress speaker.

A list of those not listed is beginning to look like the voice of sanity in a mad mad world.


  1. While my comment on the list of speakers is probably a bit over the top and does an injustice to some of the listed speakers, it does convey a feeling that is incrasing in intensity as the great day approaches.

    On the one hand, there are some worthy speakers, such as Fr. Peter McVerry SJ, and on the other, some merited omissions, such as Fr. Vincent Twomey.


  2. Incidentally, I did the above post just before learning of the Vatican's response to Fr. Flannery's activities.

    I guess the Vatican response more or less answers the question posed at the head of the post.


  3. I take it that the silence of the Irish and Dublin Hierarchy answers my question at the head of the above post.

    Interesting that Fr. McVerry has come out in support of Fr. Flannery. Will he remain on the list of Congress speakers?

    Tough times in store for the organisers of the Eucharist Fest.