Monday, March 19, 2012

Hoc est enim ...

Despite the participation of Professor William Reville in the Eucharistic Theological Symposium in Maynooth during the forthcoming Eucharistic Congress, and despite my own lack of sufficient formal theological qualifications to submit a paper, I thought I should write one anyway.

I toyed with the title "Mission: Climax and Consummation of the Eucharist" which sounds terribly exciting and positively erotic, but I see that has already been bagged by two eminent clerics.

So I am thrown back on my latest favourite topic: "Transubstantiation and the Higgs Boson Particle". My paper can be found here. I sincerely believe it to be a signal contribution to the science and future understanding of this divine process. In it I also point out how the march of science in this area may facilitate the rapprochement of the Christian churches.

For those who find the content too taxing I would suggest they bring with them to the Symposium a copy of my variation of the popular Catholicopoly which is available here for free and is offered as a contribution to the deeper understanding of pre-Conciliar theology.


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  1. Just in case anyone thinks I was joking about the first title for my paper, here it is from the appropriate session of the Symposium.

    Saturday 9th June 2012: Looking to the Future: The Interaction of Communion and Mission

    Mission: Climax and Consummation of the Eucharist

    Rev. Dr. Michael McCabe SMA and His Eminence Oscar Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga