Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Post Post

This is my first post post my other blog being deleted.

I still haven't lost hope that I'll get BULLS back but it is looking very shaky as I have had no direct word from Blogger since they deleted it. I was simply informed that it had been deleted as it had been found to contain malicious javascript. A bit of a mystery really as the only javascript I had was legit as far as I knew.

There is a bit of Franz Kafka's Trial about the whole affair, which is very worrying in this age of renewed censorship of virtually all media.

So while I have the opportunity, I would like to dedicate this post to Franz.



  1. Why Benny, you are the one.

  2. I think I figured why my BULLS blog was deleted, and it really is ironic.

    I inserted a redirect into the header to take people who came to my blog to the StopSopa site for the duration of the strike for internet freedom.

    Apparently this particular technique is used by spammers to facilitate their moving from address to address so the Blogger scanner picked mine up and classified the blog as a spammer.

    I only ended up using that technique as the redirect javascript from the StopSopa site didn't work for me.

    How much more ironic can it get?


  3. Bit of good news for a change. BULLS has been restored. Thanks to @Nitecruzr for a civilised exchange and a good outcome.

    Now I have four blogs. What am I to do?

    I have sort of taken a fancy this this one and am reluctant to let it go, so I'll have to figure a way to split my religious postings between the two blogs.