Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ireland's Eye

I had some time to kill and had not brought any reading material so I checked the magazine shelves in the shop and saw Ireland's Eye. It had a look of Ireland's Own about it but with a great big brazen typo on the cover. So I took it out of curiosity.

A very odd publication. No publishing information, editor's name and the like. Just an address in Mullingar for letters to the editor, or subscriptions or the purchase of religious artifacts.

There is a strong religious undercurrent in the publication, which breaks the surface every few pages.

A page that particulrly caught my eye was one headed Novenas and Thanksgivings. These were charged at a rate of €10 for 50 words and 20 cent a word thereafter.

The most popular entry was entitled The Miraculous Prayer. This asks the Sacred Heart for some (fill in the blank) favour and the note at the end advises the petitioner to say the prayer for three days and promise publication and the favour will be granted. Never known to fail.

So each of these published copies of the same prayer must testify to a favour granted.

One entry entitled Grateful Thanks is addressed to half the saints in heaven, and even includes Father Peyton whom I have met but who I hadn't realised had yet been canonised. This one seems to be a thanks in anticipation of success rather than in its aftermath. Sort of putting up to them.

I do remember this sort of stuff in the Blessed Martin Magazine long long ago, but reading it here at this remove is really weird.

And there is no mention of my own favourite Novena which is so effective that it even carries a health warning from the Bishop of Limerick.


  1. I have just realised that Fr. Peyton's cause for canonisation was opened some ten years ago, so his inclusion in the "petition" may be part of the campaign to advance his cause.

    I think one miracle is required for starters (promotion to "blessed") and another for the full monty.

    For the curious, I would just say that I met him at the Civitas Dei (Vatican) stand at the World Fair in Brussels in 1958.

    A pleasant, soft spoken, man.

    And further for the record, I would remind people that his Irish accent, which so pleased so many foreigners, was a Mayo one, from my father's native county.

  2. Ireland's eye is a very suspect magazine. It promotes that charlatan Christine Gallagher and her money making schemes of taking money from vulnerable people. It also has very poorly researched articles on a range of topics. Avoid this magazine.

  3. A good friend of ours gets this magazine sent out from Ireland by her sister. She gives it to us to read and at first I was taken by the articles then after seeing an advertisement about Christine Gallagher (whom I'd never heard of) and doing searches on the internet and failing to find out the editorial line in the magazine I am starting to come to the same conclusions as Anonymous above.
    Brian (New Zealand)

  4. is this real ?
    It's virtually illiterate.......and comes from stone age minds, fearful of the next bolt of lightening !
    What a crock

  5. Ireland's Eye is a glossier version of the long-established fortnightly Ireland's Own. Some articles are informative but others seem to rehash well-thumbed facts on Irish history and other topics. The repetitive and uncritical coverage of 'prophet' Christine Gallagher and her Achill House of Prayer is a continuing weakness in what otherwise might be a friendly family publication.