Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lift up your Hearts

This story is upsetting, very upsetting.

It is about a life nearly wrecked and a life probably saved.

It is humbling and inspiring and a living example of what the Christian message should be about.

The Cloud is a dangerous place but it can be half way to Heaven.

Leo, you put the rest of us to shame.

Thank you.

Leo's story

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  1. Leo's story has gone viral on the internet and has been retold in the mainstream media in Ireland, Britain and elsewhere.

    Some doubts have been cast on the complete veracity of the story and questions have been posed to Leo who has not made a great fist of answering them.

    They include (i) the possibility of legally determining a precise physical address from an IP address, (ii) how an individual within such an address could be identified from online sources, (iii) why, given the serious and criminal nature of the harassment, the Garda did not make a serious effort to trace the perpetrator, (iv) why the precise method of confrontation described was chosen, (v) why Leo left himself and his wife open to repeated harassment online, and (vi) even allowing that it might not be appropriate to reveal all the precise details of the saga, why Leo is so reticent in not dealing with the above questions.

    Mr Bopp, of Haiti fame, has blogged, purporting to show how easy it is to legally get the physical address from the internet address, and Leo has, more or less, referred enquirers to Bopp's post. The post, however, is far from clear and it's net effect, combined with the referrals, is to muddy the waters.

    If Leo is to retain credibility for his story as told, he will need to fill his readership in a bit more on the details behind it.