Friday, November 16, 2012

Tweet Three Hail Marys

The Pope has urged priests to make use of modern means of communication.

The Reverend Father above has clearly taken him at his word.

Whatever about the Vatican itself tweeting away into the ether, we should heed the old tag Festina Lente when it comes to using social media at parish level and particularly in the confessional.

The implications for privacy, for the seal of the confessional, and all that sort of stuff, will have to be fully explored.

Vatican News on Twitter

At present the Vatican itself tweets a news service (above), but it appears the Pope is soon to have his own personal twitter account.

Benny will be keeping an eagle eye on this development.

Meanwhile, we were there already with our own version of Catholicopoly ,,,

Play the Game

... and with a suggestion how a lot of that cumbersome cyberstructure wiring could be dispensed with and the Mystical Body function as one.

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