Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gaudium et Spes - NOT

The ultimate battle over the betrayal of Vatican II is now being played out on the four green fields.

Those relatively few brave souls who have tried to keep the flame and promise of Vatican II alight are now being arrogantly and unjustifiably extinguished.

It would appear that these brave souls have as much chance of successfully reforming the current totalitarian leadership of the Roman Catholic Church as the young Ratzinger had in resisting the German military of his day.


  1. Mary Magdalene

    Mary Magdalene seems to be in the process of rediscovery, or perhaps exhumation is a better word as she seems to have been purposefully buried rather than inadvertently forgotten.

    Soline Humbert has this interesting comment on a post on the ACP site:

    Perhaps the reason you hadn’t heard before homilies about the apostle to the apostles Mary of Magdala is because her successors are not allowed to either proclaim the Gospel at Mass or preach ( another form of silencing)… Also, as far as I know the Gospel where she is commissioned ( John 20:11-18) is never read on Sundays so very few catholics know about it. Mary of Magdala, as spokesperson for the Risen Christ had the authority to speak in persona Christi, to re-present Christ to the other disciples/apostles. ” I have seen the Lord and this is what He told me”. That authority was the authority of love.

    Source: 3rd comment here

    So you don't have to rely on the Da Vinci Code or other such rubbish for the biblical authority for the mission of women in the Church. In persona Christi, now, where have I heard that before and how much authority has been embroidered into the concept, but with the qualification "Men Only", which incidentally, I remember also as the name of a magazine which hardly did women any favours in its day?

    What Mary was asked to do here was not just to perform a memorial service, on the lines of that "requested" by the Lord at the Last Supper, but a direct service proclaiming the resurrection to no less an august audience than the apostles themselves.

    Come on now lads. Stand back and let the ladies through.


  2. I had never heard of Fr. Seán Fagan until I had taken Fr. Vincent Twomey to task for his pre-Vatican II interpretation of the informed conscience in his article in The Word of which he was then editor.

    Fr. Seán had a letter in the Irish Times the following day conclusively pointing out to Fr. Twomey the error of his ways.

    It appears that Fr. Seán has now joined the expanding ranks of the Silenced.

    Make you wonder what was the point in having Vatican II at all. Perhaps John XXIII should be stripped of his sainthood (or whatever his current heavenly status is) for having wasted all that time and money and dragging the One True Church into the apostasy from which it is only now being rescued by the firing off of a barrage of gagging orders from Earth HQ.

    The bona fide pursuit of truth and relevance is getting a prompt lethal response from today's Vatican.

    Where were they when they were needed to tazer the kiddy fiddlers?

    Where were they when they were needed to reassure the family of those who "committed suicide" that the poor unfortunate was not roasting in Hell for all eternity?

    Where were they when they were needed to restrain those who peddled the churching of new mothers as a purification after the disgusting process of childbirth. It is not enough to claim in retrospect that the churching text was a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving and blessing following the birth of a child. That is not how it was marketed, or understood by those concerned, and they knew it and made no attempt to stop it.

    Where were they when someone was needed to point out the inconsistency between confessing the same sins over and over again and the "firm purpose of amendment" which was a prerequisite for forgiveness? Perhaps if they had done so confessional traffic would have eased off and that instrument of fear would have lost some of its potency.

    And so on in saecula saeculorum.

    Bloody cheek, if you ask me.


  3. Nice to meet you Benny the Bridgebuilder. I'm not sure what people were taught about childbirth as purification pre-Vatican II. I never heard that one before. My mother might have though, and her mother.

    I appreciate your post about Mary Magdalene, the Apostle to the Apostles. We need her up front and center in the Church. We need her and her spirit to be flowing unstoppable through all the leaves on the tree of life that is Christ.

    Love the name for your blog btw! Gave me quite a chuckle and feels good to laugh!! ... even amidst the ruins of Rome burning.


    1. @Butterfly

      The churching was seen as purification of the woman after her soiling herself in childbirth. It was just another male/church put down. Now that attitudes have changed they are trying to claim it was a thanksgiving for the beautiful birth. They may be kidding themselves but they are not kidding me.

      I had not been familiar with the positive side of Mary Magdalene until I saw Soline's comment on the ACP site. Need to gen up a bit there.

      Glad you like the blog title. Things have got to the stage that you either have to laugh or cry, and we might as well stay with the former for as long as possible.

      As for Rome burning. Would that it were so. I'm afraid most of the heat is being felt as this end at the moment.

      As I said elsewhere, I am a Catholic Agnostic/Atheist myself, the first being by baggage and the second by conviction. But I was a big fan of Vatican II and am incensed at the way it has been hijacked/betrayed over the years.

      I have set out my stall most recently here.